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On the A4 Bath Road just east of the Jubilee River

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Photograph taken 2002-09-05

Road and bridge with temporary traffic barriers. Houses in distance.

Looking east on the A4 Bath Road.
Grass verge with wooden slat fence and trees on left.
Traffic lights at junction with Berry Hill.
Trees on right. Road with tarmac pavements each side.
Wooden slat fences on far side with Horse Chestnut trees behind them.
White house-name signs for Chelston.
Houses just visible through the trees.
Street-light pole. Road with trees and brown wooden slat fence on far side.
Driveway with five-bar gate leading to white garage doors.
Upper storey of house visible over the fence: red bricks, white window-frames, dark tile roof.
Roadsign warning of school. Road and bridge with temporary traffic barriers.
Houses in distance. Tarmac footpath leading to pedestrian bridge across the Jubilee River.
Bridge has galvanised metal railings both sides.
Trees on far side of river.
Newly-planted trees in verge on left.

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