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Eastern end of Boundary Road

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Photograph taken 2002-07-04

Rough grass area with playing field beyond.

Allotment garden seen across road, through chainlink fence.
Houses in the distance. Road with allotment garden and chainlink fence on left.
GIVE WAY sign with three red bars on countdown board.
Road with footway on the right.
Grassy area far right, with row of low wooden posts made from old telephone poles.
Trees in the distance. Slope down to area of rough grass.
Trees and club-huts in the distance.
Playing field on right.
Pile of rubbish left by encampment of travellers. Rough grass area with playing field beyond. Grassy area on left with trees in the distance.
Row of low posts.
Footway and road on right.
Overgrown chainlink fence on far side of road.

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