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On the towpath just south of Maidenhead Bridge

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Photograph taken 2002-09-13

Scaffolding around the old Bridge Villas

Flood Mark for November 1894, on pier of Maidenhead Bridge Looking north through one of the side arches of Maidenhead Bridge.
Corrugated iron boat shed, with derelict boat. Eastern end of Maidenhead Bridge.
Part of derelict house visible on the right.
Grassy area with small trees. Derelict houses at eastern end of Maidenhead Bridge.
Part of bridge visible on the left.
Grass and trees. Derelict houses at eastern end of Maidenhead Bridge.
Wire fence covered in creeper.
Trees. Scaffolding around the old Bridge Villas Scaffolding around Sunnyside and Bridge Villas.
Creeper on chain-link fence in the foreground.
Looking south along the towpath from Maidenhead Bridge.
Large chestnut trees on left.
Boats on River Thames on right.
Railway bridge visible in the distance.
Man reading on bench seat. River Thames at Maidenhead Bridge.
Trees on both banks.
Small cabin cruiser moored to near bank.
Large house on far bank. Looking west across the River Thames just below Maidenhead Bridge.
Mooring post on near bank.
Large trees and hotel buildings on far bank. Maidenhead Bridge. Bridge built of sandy stone, with stone balustrade and iron streetlamps along the parapet.
Part of Thames Riviera Hotel on left.

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