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On the A4 Bath Road outside Altwood car dealership

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Photograph taken 2002-09-24

Altwood car showroom. Large tree behind building. Cars and lamp-post in foreground.

Altwood car dealership.
Bath Road on the left, with traffic lights at junction with Berry Hill.
Low brick wall alongside pavement.
Cars on dealer's forecourt. Altwood car showroom.
Low workshop building on left: brick pillars with white fascia above.
Glass-fronted showroom on right with white cylindrical entrance.
Cars on forecourt. Altwood car showroom.
Large tree behind building.
Cars and lamp-post in foreground. Looking east along the A4 Bath Road.
Cars on dealership forecourt on left.
Small trees, low brick wall around forecourt.
Wide tarmac pavement with street lights.
Road with railway bridge in the distance. Looking east alon the A4 Bath Road.
Brick arch railway bridge in the distance.
Trees alongside road.
Shell filling station on the right. Looking south across the A4 Bath Road.
Shell filling station, large trees and red pillar box. Looking south across the Bath Road.
Altwood Mini dealership with cars on the forecourt.
Building and trees in the background.

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