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At the bend on Marsh Lane

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Photograph taken 2002-09-24

Rosemerion: white rendered house with tile roof.

Fences surrounding drains and manholes. Green roadside cabin.
Tarmac apron with linear drains.
Wooden fences. Green roadside cabin on left.
Gate to electricity substation.
Scrubby area and hedge. Looking north on Marsh Lane.
Road with footway and hedge on left. Looking north on Marsh Lane.
Bend in the road with house in the distance. Rosemerion: white rendered house with tile roof. Hunters Moon and Kashmir: two white-painted houses with tile roofs.
Looking south on Marsh Lane.
House behind trees on left.
Footway and fields on right. Footway on left.
Metal farm gate blocked by large log.
Field on right.

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