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On Station Road at the entrance to the station car-park

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Photograph taken 2002-09-24

Road with roadworks. Trees in the background.

Looking across Station Road at the entrance to a small trading estate.
Trees either side.
Signs for G&W Motor Company and for Marble Magic. The entrance to Bishops Gate.
Sandy-coloured brick walls with large metal gate.
Signs on walls. The entrance to Bishops Gate, with electricity substation building behind.
Roadsign warning of traffic lights and new road layout.
Sign advertising offices to let. Road with buildings on the far side, and roadworks in progress. Road with roadworks.
Trees in the background. Entrance to station car-park.
Trees on both sides. Road with trees.
Looking north on Station Road.
Trees on both sides, with railway bridge in the background.
Roadsign warning of junctions.
Signs on right for G&W Motor Company and Marble Magic.

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