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On Hitcham Road opposite the entrance to Byways

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Photograph taken 2002-09-13

Fence and trees.

Looking north on Hitcham Road.
Grass verge on left with dark bushes and telephone pole.
Row of houses on the right.
Cars parked in the road outside the houses. Pair of houses with grey tiled roof.
Left hand house has pebbledashed walls and white window frames.
Right hand house is boarded up and has render missing from the end wall. Looking along Byways from Hitcham Road.
House on left has a rendered end wall with much of the render missing from the upper part.
White-painted house on the right. Terrace of three houses.
The left-hand one is painted white and has white window frames.
The other two are of red brick and also have white window frames. Looking south on Hitcham Road.
Red brick houses on the left.
The black and white building at the end of the road is The Maypole public house. Fence and trees.

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