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On the A4 Bath Road outside Old Court Hotel

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Photograph taken 2002-09-05

Car-park with ivy-covered fence and trees.

Looking west on the A4 Bath Road.
Three-storey house on far side of road.
Sign for Old Court Hotel on right under large trees.
Cars on road. Old Court Hotel car-park.
Hotel sign under trees on left.
Cars and vans parked around hotel building on right. Old Court Hotel.
Red brick building with strong horizontal white features.
Dark tile roofs.
Cars and vans parked around the building.
Overhanging trees. Old Court Hotel car-park.
Hotel building on left.
Parked vehicles.
Overhanging trees. Car-park with ivy-covered fence and trees. Looking east on the A4 Bath Road.
Dark trees on left.
White house on right.
Hotel and school signs in the distance. Looking across the A4 Bath Road.
White house with black doors and dark slate roofs.
Road with tall conifer trees on the far side.
Houses just visible through trees. Road with bus-shelter and bank of small trees on far side.
30mph speed-limit sign and house on far right.

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