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At the junction of Ellington Road with the A4 Bath Road

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Photograph taken 2002-09-05

Hedge and trees with part of Lansdowne Court visible through the gap.

Road with overhanging trees on the left.
Pavement and grass verge with street-light pole.
Cars on road.
Trees and bus-stop on far side of road. Road junction.
Pavement, grass verge, and bank of trees on far side.
40mph sign and street-name sign for Ellington Road in grass. Road junction, looking across the A4 Bath Road into Ellington Road.
40mph sign and road-name sign for Ellington Road in grass verge on left.
Cars on Ellington Road.
Row of three-storey houses on right. Looking across the A4 Bath Road at a group of three-storey houses on the corner of Ellington Road.
Houses have white-painted walls with some black timbers and some tile-hung areas.
The corner house has a round window at first-floor level. Looking west on the A4 Bath Road.
Small trees on left, with large streetlight.
Cars on road.
Pavement and grass verge on right, with large trees. Hedge and trees with part of Lansdowne Court visible through the gap.

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