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At the corner of Ellington Road

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Photograph taken 2002-09-05

Road with trees and parked cars. Houses visible through trees on far side.

Road with parked car.
Pavement on left has small trees overhanging.
Low wooden fence on right with trees and bushes. Road and pavement with wooden fence and overhanging trees.
Driveway between brick pillars with black wooden gate.
House just visible through gate. Road with Victorian-style street-light.
Yellow Neighbourhood Watch sign on street-light pole.
Gravel driveways with brick pillars.
Houses visible through trees.
Telephone pole. Large house of sandy brick with red bricks above windows and dark tile roof.
Gravel drive with hedges and trees.
Tarmac driveway on right leading to garage with white door.
Trees and telephone wires. Road with parked car and van.
Long driveway on left leading to garage with white door.
Tree behind van, with houses beyond. Road with trees and parked cars.
Houses visible through trees on far side. White house with grass and large tree in front garden.
Car parked in driveway.
Narrow footpath between fences: the one on the right is overgrown with creeper.
Black wooden gate on left with car and white house beyond.
Public Footpath sign on pole.
House on right visible through tree.

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