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At the southern end of River Road

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Photograph taken 2002-08-25

Road with Chestnut trees on the far side. Lamp bollard.

Wooden gate with River Thames beyond.
Large black and white house on far bank. Looking north on River Road.
High hedge on left.
Five-bar wooden gate.
Hedges and trees on right. Road with Chestnut trees on the far side.
Lamp bollard. End of sealed road, with gravel drive beyond.
Large trees on left.
Clipped hedge on right with house visible over it.
Parked cars and motorcycle. Harefield.
Two-storey house hung with red tiles.
Red tile roof.
High clipped hedge with green wooden gate.
Parked motorcycle. Looking south on the Thames Path.
High clipped hedges on each side.
Gravel path with grassy area on the left.

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