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On River Road at Olympia House

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Photograph taken 2002-08-25

Laurel hedge with houses and trees beyond.

River Thames.
Large house behind trees on far bank.
Trees and moored boats on near bank. River Thames with moored boat on left.
Conifer hedge. Looking north on River Road.
Dark hedge on left.
Laurel hedges on right with houses behind them.
Flagpole. Sandy-coloured three-storey house with white painted windowframes and balcony.
Red tile roof.
High hedge between house and road. Laurel hedge with houses and trees beyond. Olympia House.
Long modern-style house with low-pitch roof.
White at ground-floor level with large windows and orange front door.
Timber-clad at first-floor level.
Brick driveway with large Cedar tree. Looking south on River Road.
Entrance to Olympia House on left.
Hedges and trees.
Woman with dog.
Low hedge on right.

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