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On River Road near the middle of Gaiety Row

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Photograph taken 2002-08-25

Gaiety Row: Marlborough, Apple Tree Cottage, Littlemere, White Tower.

River Thames and Maidenhead Bridge.
Trees on Guards Club Island on left.
Trees along River Road on the right. Looking north on River Road.
Overhanging trees on the left.
Parked cars on road.
River Court flats in the distance.
Cornerways and Yew Tree Cottage on the right. The northern part of Gaiety Row:
Cornerways, Yew Tree Cottage, Summercroft, Rippledene.
Many of the houses were rented by members of the Gaiety Theatre in the late 1800s, and some members of the Guards Club on the opposite bank housed their mistresses here, contributing to the area's notoriety. The middle of Gaiety Row:
Rippledene, Two Bridges, Marlborough, Apple Tree Cottage.
Black and white terraced houses with glassed-in verandas on the first floor. Gaiety Row:
Marlborough, Apple Tree Cottage, Littlemere, White Tower. Southern part of Gaiety Row:
Littlemere, White Tower, Thames Cottage, Whitegate, Waterside, Regatta View.
Railway bridge and embankment on right. Looking south on River Road.
Part of Gaiety Row on the left.
Brunel's famous brick railway bridge across the Thames.
Boats moored on the river.
Guards Club Island and River Thames.

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