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On River Road, opposite Ellington Road

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Photograph taken 2002-08-25

Trees between River Road and the River Thames.

Ellington Road.
River Court flats behind bushes on the left.
Parked cars.
Fence and trees on the right. The corner of Ellington Road where it joins River Road.
Noticeboards and post boxes.
Cornerways: black and white three storey house behind wooden fence. Looking south on River Road.
"Gaiety Row" houses on the left.
Railway bridge in the distance.
Dark trees on the right. Looking south on River Road.
Brick railway bridge in the distance.
Bank of trees hiding the River Thames on the right.
Roadsigns among trees:
Humps for 100 yards
10 mph speed limit
Private Road Residents Parking Only
No through road sign with public footpath sign on the same post. Trees between River Road and the River Thames. Looking north on River Road.
Trees overhanging from the left.
People and parked cars in the road.
River Court flats on the right. Ellington Road.
River Court flats on the left, with bushes in front.
Antique-style street lamp.
Parked cars.
Trees on right of Ellington Road.

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