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By the old crane in the car-park of Maidenhead Rowing Club

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Photograph taken 2002-08-25

The old Andrews Boatyard crane, now in the car-park of the Maidenhead Rowing Club.

Old boatyard crane in car-park. Maidenhead Rowing Club car-park.
Old boatyard crane in foreground.
Car and racing boat in car-park.
River Court flats on right. River Court flats 7-12.
Car-park with racing boat and boat-rack in foreground. Public footpath at southern end of Maidenhead Rowing Club car-park.
Concrete path with tube railings.
Trees and water on right. River Thames with railway bridge in the background.
Man and boy fishing.
Wooden mooring posts in river.
Trees and boats. The old Andrews Boatyard crane, now in the car-park of the Maidenhead Rowing Club. River Thames at Maidenhead Bridge.
Thames Riviera Hotel on left.
Bridge in centre with trees beyond.
Boats tied up along quay.
Maidenhead Rowing Club building on right.
Maidenhead Rowing Club.
River Thames and Maidenhead Bridge on left.
Clubhouse with cars in car-park.
Old boatyard crane on right.

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