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On Institute Road opposite the sports club

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Photograph taken 2002-07-04

Wild flowers and trees.

Grass verge, chainlink fence, playing field beyond with rugby goals. Entrance to sports club.
Concrete driveway with chainlink fence and metal gate.
Street light.
Low bushes.
Playing field in the background. Entrance to sports club.
Concrete and gravel area beside road.
Chainlink fence.
Trees on the right. Looking east on Institute Road.
Gravel and grass verge on left with trees behind.
Tarmac pavement on right with bushes and wild flowers. Wild flowers and trees. Looking west on Institute Road.
Tarmac pavement on left with wire fence and wild flowers.
Cars in the distance.
Grass verge and trees on the right. Road in foreground.
Wide grass verge.
Low chainlink fence with trees and playing field behind it.

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