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Junction of Boundary Road and Station Road

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Photograph taken 2002-07-04

Grass verge with hedge and path. Pile of rubble on right.

Road junction.
Hedge and trees on far side partly obscure block of flats.
Road sign and telephone pole. Road junction with bushes on far side.
Block of flats just visible through the bushes.
Estate agent's sign. Road with trees and houses on the left.
Grass verge on the right. Road with tall dark trees and group of houses on left
Grass verge and trees on right. Grass verge with trees and roadsign.
Signs point to Maidenhead and to Taplow.
Hedge on right with grassy field beyond. Grass verge with hedge and path.
Pile of rubble on right. Grass verge with hedge and field beyond.
Trees and farm buildings in the distance.
Pile of rubble on left.
Grass verge with hedge and trees.
Road sign for Boundary Road. Road with grass verge and bushes on left.
Roadsign for Boundary Road.
Grass area on right with trees.
White traffic-calming gate feature. Road junction with Boundary Road in the foreground and Station Road on the right.
Grass area with street light.
Dark trees on right.

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