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Outside Skindles on Mill Lane

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Photograph taken 2002-05-07

Large trees on left. Gates and car-parks on right. Trees in the distance.

Looking north on Mill Lane.
Disused hotel building on the left: cream painted with black pipes.
Large trees on the right.
Sign at entrance to car-park: "MALLARDS REACH RESIDENTIAL CAR PARK. PRIVATE" Large trees on left.
Gates and car-parks on right.
Trees in the distance. Car-park with low railings and trees beyond.
Low metal-clad buildings on right. Car dealership with cars and vans parked around it.
Flats in the distance on the other side of the A4 Bath Road. Looking south on Mill Lane.
Cars on dealer's forcourt on left, with block of flats behind.
Disused hotel building on right.

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