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Footpath to Teppa's mound

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Photograph taken 2002-04-24

Hedge with trees behind.

The south wing of Taplow Court.
Two-storey building of red brick with stone details.
Grey slate roof and decorative brick chimneys. The entrance to the old churchyard with some of the Taplow Court outbuildings in the background. Entrance to the old churchyard on left.
Hedge on right with trees behind. Hedge with flowering trees behind. Hedge with trees behind. Taeppa's Mound - a Saxon burial mound in the old churchyard. The old churchyard beside Taplow Court.
Saxon burial mound on the left.
Trees and grave markers in the background.
Memorial and gravestones in the foreground.
Part of Taplow Court on the right: large house in red brick with stone-mullion windows.
The south face of Taplow Court.
Very large house of red brick with stone details.
Many decorative chimney stacks.
Tower with loopholes and conical roof.

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