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On the Jubilee River path

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Photograph taken 2002-09-24

Wide path on left with grassy bank down to river. Trees on river bank and on horizon.

Scrubby field with post-and-wire fence in foreground.
Trees on horizon. Fence with row of newly-planted trees.
Life-ring on fencepost.
Scrubby field with row of trees in the distance. Wide path surfaced with grey chippings.
Grassy banks on each side with newly planted trees.
Scrubby field on left.
Trees on horizon. Wide path on left with grassy bank down to river.
Trees on river bank and on horizon. River with scrubby grass on banks.
Trees and houses in distance on far side of river. River with bridge and weir on right.
Houses visible through trees in the distance. River with road-bridge and weir structure.
Mass of green weed held by yellow floating boom.
Trees in the distance.
River on left.
Bank slopes up to wide path with grey chipping surface.
Trees in distance on right. Wide path on left with grey chippings.
Scrubby grass slope down to row of new trees along wire fence on right.
Trees on horizon. Row of newly-planted trees in protective enclosures.
Post-and-wire fence.
Scrubby field.
Trees in distance.

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