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Junction of Rectory Road and High Street

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Photograph taken 2002-01-01

St Nicolas Church entrance and churchyard railings. Hydrant sign in holly hedge on the right.

St Nicolas House.
Red brick building, tile-hung on the first-floor level.
White painted entrance with fleur-de-lys. Rectory Road and the bottom of High Street.
Village Green with trees. Looking North up High Street.
Village Green on the left, with large trees.
Entrance to St Nicolas Church on the right. St Nicolas Church entrance and churchyard railings.
Hydrant sign in holly hedge on the right. Holly hedge with part of St Nicolas Church visible over the top. Rectory Road.
High holly hedge around churchyard on the left.
Large trees outside Wellbank in the distance.
Shadow across road cast by St Nicolas House. Looking East on Rectory Road.
Holly hedge around churchyard on the left.
Wellbank in the distance.
Frost on grass outside Priory Cottage.
Priory Cottage.
Large Magnolia trees.
Frost on grass.
Part of Wellbank visible on the left. Footpath between St Nicolas House and Priory Cottage.
Red Telephone box on the left.
Public Footpath sign.

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