Welcome to the Taplow website! This is a jumping-off point for all sorts of information about Taplow Village. Come in and look around.

A Walk Around Taplow

A virtual-reality tour of Taplow, with clickable maps and hundreds of photographs.

NEW: updated maps, and Marsh Lane is now fully covered.

Picture of the Oak and Saw public house with inset map of Taplow
A contestant in the 2011 Race to the Church

Race to the Church

29th April 2011, Taplow High Street. To your vehicles! The race is on!

Hitcham and Taplow Society

The Society has a website with news, information, and a forum for people to "have their say" about the local area.

The HTPS website
Detail from 'Ox Roast' by Steve Thompson

Taplow Artists Network

This is a showcase for artists who live or work in the Taplow area. A wide range of work is on show, from watercolours to sculpture and from acrylics to digital photographs.

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