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Rectory Road, at western edge of village green

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Photograph taken 2002-01-01

Western part of Village Green. Barn on left, School visible above the hedge. Part of School House on the right.

High wall, with horse chestnut tree and street light pole. Looking West on Rectory Road. High wall on left, parked car, ice on road. Looking West on rectory Road. Jane taking notes. High wall on left,
parked car, ivy hedge and trees on the right. Village green with barn. Trees on the left, and frost on the grass.
Roadsign warning of slow-ramp. Western part of Village Green. Barn on left, School visible above the hedge.
Part of School House on the right. Road to St Nicolas School and Taplow Village Hall.
School House on the left, Village Hall and part of Village Green on the right.
Clump of trees in the centre. Eastern part of Village Green. Village Hall on the left, and houses in High Street visible through the trees.
Rectory Road passing the Village Green. St Nicolas Church visible through the trees. Houses and pub in deep shadow on the right. Village Green. Oak and Saw public house in centre of photo, with St Nicolas House to the left. Houses on Rectory Road. Frost on grass and houses. High wall outside the Rectory. House on left has frost on the roof.

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