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On Platform 4 of Taplow Station

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Photograph taken 2002-09-13

Blue and white iron railings with plants and trees behind.

Railway platform with lamp-posts.
Dark trees on the right. Road with large trees on the far side.
Iron railings on near side with low bushes. Blue and white iron railings with plants and trees behind. Railway platform.
Iron railings on left, with plants and road beyond.
Red street-light poles.
Covered iron footbridge. Railway platform with red lamp-posts.
Covered iron footbridge crosses to island platform on right and also to far side of main line.
Station buildings beyond bridge. Railway platforms with footbridge and red lamp-posts.
Sign on lamp-post: TAPLOW
Small tree on island platform.
Large trees on far side of railway. Railway platforms with sign "Welcome to Taplow. Thames Trains"
Red lamp-posts.
Iron railings and large trees beyond far platform.
Passenger walking along platform.
Railway platform with red lamp-posts.
Trees beyond far platform.

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